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Recreational Gymnastics Classes

6 yrs-18 yrs

Gymnasts will be taught progressive skills in tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, and vault.

Gymnasts with little or no gymnastics experience will join our Silver class.

Students are evaluated each session to determine their eligibility to advance to the next level.

Taking classes twice a week will result in progressing more quickly. Please call the gym if you need to schedule a make up class.


Bars-  Pull Over

Beam- Straight Jump / Lever

Floor- Cartwheel / Handstand / Bridge Kick-over


Tuesday        4:30-5:30

Wednesday    4:30-5:30

Thursday       5:35-6:35 

 Saturday       11:10-12:10



 Bars- Back Hip Circle

 Beam- Split Jump / Cartwheel Handstand Dismount

 Floor- Back Bend Kick-over


Monday   5:35-6:50

Wednesday 6:40-7:40

Thursday 4:30-5:45


*After Gold class is mastered, students will be invited to join Platinum (Non-Competitive Team) or Level 2 team (Competitive Team).*

Platinum (Invite Only)

Bars- Pull up Pullover

Beam- Handstand / Cartwheel Handstand Dismount

Floor- Back Walkover

Tuesday 4:30-7:30


Thursday 4:30-7:30


Our tumbling class is perfect for students who want to perfect and boost their tumbling skills.   

Students will tumble on both the floor and trampoline and utilize stations to improve tumbling skills.

Tuesday 6:40-7:40

Thursday 6:40-7:40

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